We love joining in the adventure of the teenage years! Learning, growing, discovering Jesus together and wrestling with the hard questions of life is what we welcome our youth into! There's opportunity to build healthy relationships with other youth and trustworthy adults. There's always fun involved in a variety of ways too :) 

Church Youth is held twice a month on Saturdays.

We also have a high value for the youth in our neighborhood that have not yet ventured into our church family. We are committed to partnering with the Tegler Center every week to love the kids in our neighborhood through their facility. We have also been teaching the HEROES program for well over a decade to the Grade 7 classes in Lawton Jr. High and now Ivor Dent. Teaching them about their value and worth and giving them practical tools to grow and discover their gifts & abilities in a healthy way. This 2022-23 year we are teaching the entire junior high at Ivor Dent: grades 7-9!